Time Quest and Hourly System

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Time Quest and Hourly System

Post by Rhon on Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:56 pm

Hourly System Reward

How: To gets rewards for every successful hours of gameplay,
(NO VENDING | NO CHARACTER CHANGE | NO RELOG or else the Hourly System will Stop.)

(NO AFK or IDLE for 30 mins. or else Time will be reset or Stop.)

Every Hour Online Rewards: 1,000,000 zeny, 1 Yggdrassil Box

5 Hours Consecutively Online Rewards: 5 Mithrill Coins, 5 Fish Marinade Box, 5 Xeon Donator Card

***Note: This is disable during WOE/GvG

Tiem Quest System Reward

time Reward NPC for time needed to Play to complete the Time Quest.
When you complete the Playing Time Required by the quest you will be
rewarded by the Time Reward NPC @ Prontera or Mall.

Time Reward NPC:
You can view Total Time Play.
You can view Missing Time to complete the quest.
Claiming of Rewards and Rewards Information.

@at or @autotrade time will not counted.

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