Security Assistant - Instructions

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Security Assistant - Instructions

Post by Rhon on Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:55 pm

Security Assistant - Instructions

The Security Password is a second password that protect your account from intruders trying to access from another IP Address.

Your IP address almost does not change, while the other players will have always a different IP, triggering the security check.

Remember, don't share your passwords!


Step1: @warp prontera 155 149 - where you can find the Security Assistant NPC.

Step2: Talk to the Security Assistant NPC.

A message will appear containing

WARNING: Your account does not have Security Password.

Step3: Click the "Set Security Password"

Step4: A message will appear back to you:

There's no security password in this account:
(6-20 chars, type "0" to leave or leave it empty to diactivate).

Step5: Click "OK"

Step6: After Clicking "OK" button, a black textbox will appear. Just put any password that you want.

Example: iloveyou25

my password has "9" characters only.

NOTE: Your password must not be related to your IN-GAME NAME, the hackers or intruders can easily guess your password.

Step7: Password will appear based on the input.

Warning: You must double check your password, tendency is typographical error.

Step8: You can now relog your account to test your security password.

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