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Player of the Month

Post by Rhon on Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:27 pm

Top 3 Players in PvP ranking will be award accordingly and the No. 1 Player in PvP Ranking will be post to our website.


No. 1 (PvP Ranking)
25 pcs. Fish Marinade Box
25 pcs. XeonRO Event Card
15 pcs. Mithrill Coins

No. 2 (PvP Ranking)
20 pcs. Fish Marinade Box
20 pcs. XeonRO Event Card
10 pcs. Mithrill Coins

No. 3 (PvP Ranking)
10 pcs. Fish Marinade Box
10 pcs. XeonRO Event Card
5 pcs. Mithrill Coins


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