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Post by Rhon on Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:03 pm

Spamming on the forums
If you
spam on our Forums your posts get removed by the forum moderators.
Depending on what you spam it could also be punished ingame accordingly
to the punishment system below.

Harassing / Insulting staff members
you start Insulting or harassing staff members on the forums you get
punished accordingly to the in-game rules and regulations as you get
punished on the forums itself.

Harassing / Insulting Players / users
you harass or insult players via the forums you get punished! You also
get punished in-game according to the in-game rules and regulations.

Publishing insulting links about players / staff members / XeonRO
you publish such links you have to expect forum and in-game
punishments. What kind of punishment you'll get depends on what kind of
offense you committed.

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